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Sportster project
Sportster project
by chy, October 7
new motor and some extras
new motor and some extras
by mag10, August 7
shredded motor pix the 904
shredded motor pix the 904
by mag10, August 6
America "Lowers"
America "Lowers"
by VABird, June 9
2014 America LT
2014 America LT
by VABird, May 17
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Re: Help with cylinder block please Two_Wheel_n 06/17/2021 8:42 AM
Are you looking just for the barrels? If your planning on honing it, you should get new rings to go with it.

Big Bore kit?
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Re: Protac Driver Backrests VABird 06/15/2021 11:30 AM
I had one on my 2014 America LT. It was nice.
I thought he was out of business though!
Blue one (Picture on the left)
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Re: Coming back to the fold VABird 06/11/2021 1:13 PM
Welcome back (from another from VA). When I started riding again in 2007 after 20 year hiatus while my daughter was growing up, I got an '06 America 790. I also went through several bikes up to a T-Bird, two Tigers, Legend, an America LT & Speedmaster. For various reasons, I'm back on an America (2008) I still have the '06 Tiger 955i though. When it's time to get down to one bike, it'll probably be the America, though I currently ride the Tiger more.
I think you'll be fine with the '16. They're fun and nimble, and you should be able to get 50+ MPG if ridden moderately.
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Re: So, who's still got one then? PES 06/07/2021 9:54 PM
And that's the last time we seen you. Where you been hiding
Billy? ARK rally 1st Weekend in October. Maybe blow some cobwebs out of one of your bikes.:-)
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Re: AAMMP open again. mcfcinusa 06/05/2021 4:10 AM
Went to order more blanks from my old supplier in San Diego and was told they had ''lost" the files for cutting them out due to going to a new computer system. Have located a new supplier and waiting on quote for blanks.
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Re: 2008 slvrsprint 06/03/2021 10:47 PM
Very cool! The motorcycle, the setting and the effects.

I'd love pictures of both my BA and my soon to be made Janus Halcyon in that location.
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Re: JRC Stainless Steel Custom Slash Cut Muffler Set B02S4 06/02/2021 11:47 PM
This item now has a bid and is no longer available here; mods, please delete this thread, thanks.
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Re: Knees roadie 05/27/2021 3:51 AM
That’s certainly more than fair Des - Thanks! I’m heading over to your website now!
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Re: What hearing protector do you use? mcfcinusa 05/27/2021 2:56 AM
I have worn ear plugs at work for 35 years and there are different styles and sizes. For me the best i've used other than custom moulded ones i have are the orange ones with a smooth surface, just went into the garage to see if i could find the make but can't find the packet they came in.
3M make a yellow kind called Taper Fit 2 and are comfortable too.
Not all earplugs are the same diameter, normally one size fits all. I had a workmate whose ear canals were huge and he never rolled them up he just slid them in. Needless to say he lost a lot of his hearing over thirty years in a power plant. Come to find out different diameters are made. You HAVE to roll them up and have them expand while pushing the plug in. If they just slide in you need the larger size.
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Re: No gas to carbs - nada - huh? B02S4 05/20/2021 8:02 PM
The inability to edit posts is a pain in the arse...above post was supposed to say "pilot circuits are essentially the same"...
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Re: Seat modification recomendation JD13 05/19/2021 2:15 PM
Originally Posted by BillyIndiana
These guys rebuilt the seat on my R3T and did a great job. They put the original cover back on, but they will do custom leather work also.
Thanks. I saw these guys on a google search. I'm in Dayton, Ohio so they aren't too far away. I will probably give them a call.
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