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wicked red 1100
wicked red 1100
by mag10, August 21
Windshield I need to replace
Windshield I need to replace
by philwarner, May 10
first ride
first ride
by NemoJr, April 1
Steve McQueen inspired
Steve McQueen inspired
by Feral, November 28
by chy, September 18
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Re: RIP David 5/8/24 jon1214 05/28/2024 8:13 PM
Thank you for all the prayers!
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Re: What the fork? chy 05/21/2024 5:11 PM
548 cc's seemed to work for me.
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Re: First ride over 100 miles for the yeaar The_Dog33 05/07/2024 10:59 PM
Sorry to hear of your loss
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Re: How to wire in passing lamps? The_Dog33 05/04/2024 10:30 AM
I wired them into the high beam on Wendys bike and it has been fine all these years so I would say you can. The best way would probably using a relay so the headlight trips the relay to power the light.
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Re: 140,000 Miles roadie 05/03/2024 6:12 PM
140,000? That is amazing! I'd like to add my congrats, as well.
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iPhone Vibrations moe 05/02/2024 12:16 PM
Apple, this past November 2023, released this advisory:

Exposure to vibrations, like those ...cle engines, might impact iPhone cameras

Was thinking about a Quad Lock motorcycle mount until I read about the loss of camera function then being informed of apple’s advisory. Heck, a quad lock system would be close to $130.00.

And then I read about the Zumo XT2. Now just have to justify $599.99.

Back story

I’ve had a zumo 450 like for a decade or more. Try over 13 years. Purchased April 17, 2009 for $440.00.

Last September 2023 while heading to the GA Rally, and while rolling along US1 about close to the Georgia border my zumo bracket stress fractured, and released the unit which slipped out on the tank down my leg and was last seen doing a spin on the highway then going off the right side of the road into the jungle I was soon to encounter, all this happened at about 70mph. I turned around to look for it but gave up as the grass that it slid in to was over a foot tall and thick. Major downer. It had an SD card that had some, heck, a LOT of music, routes and other such. To make matters worse, the zumo itself had a billion waypoints I had saved over the years. Waypoints scattered from Maine to Southern California to Helena Montana and all points in between. All the stops for, ahem, bathroom breaks…and other points where my motorsickle had rolled over various mile milestones.

My fault that I lost it as the unit would disconnect from my bikes power and run on its battery. I would push down on the unit and walla! It would go back to external power, for a time. We’ll, I pulled over after about 30 miles of this BS to examine the unit and the contacts in it’s cradle. What I did NOT look for was a broken cradle. I remounted Prudence and rolled on up US1. When the zumo switched to internal power I pressed down too hard I guess and, well, see above.

Man, gone where the days (or so I thought) of paper maps and wax pencils (or the wife’s lipstick). I’d write on the right mirror notes of road numbers and right or left. Worked very well for riding blind. But in no way does it compare to having a GPS screen in front of me.

Having a GPS is imho the bestest way to see Americana. So my dilemma or rather my consternation when learning of the vibration issue. Or well. I’ll be looking for the XT2 to go on sale. Until then, my iPhone will be in airplane mode in my jacket breast pocket. And yellow wax scribbles will adorn my mirrors. At least I’ll have a smart phone! Even if I have to refer to it AFTER STOPPING.

Heck I used to use Google maps, which in the past I could export to gpx file then import into my zumo.

Think routes. Being able to prep plan routes for major Americana experiences was priceless. One downside was at times my riding friends would implore me to route along roads that had painted lines! Lol. And not go through neighborhoods. Although one time I recall the English yankee saying that we could not be out of New Jersey as we had not paid any tolls! Gosh, it was so foggy that morning and we had routed along a bridge out road. I digress.

I want my mtv er zumo!
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