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by chy, September 19
by beamer, August 6
Sportster project
Sportster project
by chy, October 7
new motor and some extras
new motor and some extras
by mag10, August 7
shredded motor pix the 904
shredded motor pix the 904
by mag10, August 6
Friday 13th. reave1 05/13/2022 10:09 PM This is the Canadian "Sturgis" ride. Smaller of course and not much in the way of "trouble". It was a great day weather-wise for this event. I have been in past years and met up with some N.Y. Bonnevilleamerica members. Keep it in mind for next Friday 13th.
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WTB handle bar switches mikemm03 05/06/2022 1:11 PM WTB. Right hand side switch control with the start button and kill switch in good condition.
wiring should be attached as well.
2003 America .......USA
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Misc. America / Speedy parts for sale VABird 04/21/2022 10:35 PM Since spares are increasingly difficult to obtain, I bought a box full when locally available.
These are extras that I already have, so don't need. Actual shipping is extra. Free pickup in central VA.
Parts are stock and had been removed from 2006 Speedmaster with under 9400 miles and are in great shape unless otherwise noted.

"Gunfighter" Seat: No damage at all - $100
Rear shocks (12.5" unloaded) center to center on mounts $60
Front springs and tube spacers $40
Pre 2008 gas tank rubber knee pads (If mounting "sticky" was ever there, it's gone now) $30
Stock mufflers GUTTED, - no baffles. There are minor scuffs and small weld marks showing. One small ding on underside of RH muffler. $25 These will probably be expensive to ship.
Headlight $15
LH Cheese grater $20
Custom built pannier mounting brackets with hardware (not Quick Release) $90
Windshield & mounting hardware $125
Unmolested airbox $40

Email me for pics or more info
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Apollo 10 1/2 SMJoe 04/20/2022 12:49 PM If you want a real blast from the past watch this animated movie, you'll find it on Netflix. If you dont get Netflix phone up a friend that does and offer to bring the popcorn.
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Shame The_Dog33 04/11/2022 11:15 PM It really is a shame. I remember when I could check in here several times a day and every time I did there would be new activity in multiple threads. I used to butt heads with Friar John or disagree with Big Bill or help any number of guys looking for advise, chat with Uncle Charlie or get mad at Dwights name calling or attempted belittling. The list goes on, I would give anything to be able to go 'round with Friar John, argue or not I liked the man and it was truly a loss when he passed. I miss Keith, and Mert and Angelis. I miss the Yutes, long time members will know who I mean. Just because I didn't mention some does not mean they are not missed just too long a list to mention them all. Some I met in person some were just friends on here that I thought I may meet eventually. I would love to see this place come alive again like in the past, bike talk political talk what ever the conversation went around to. I miss joking and talking with Rich. Not really going anywhere with this just thinking.
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Friday 13th.
by reave1 - 05/13/2022 6:09 PM
Georgia Rally '22
by chy - 04/01/2022 7:29 AM
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