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by chy, September 19
by beamer, August 6
Sportster project
Sportster project
by chy, October 7
new motor and some extras
new motor and some extras
by mag10, August 7
shredded motor pix the 904
shredded motor pix the 904
by mag10, August 6
Stock handlebars chy 01/26/2022 2:05 AM I am looking for a stock set of America handlebars. Any floating around out there?
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Build a Mustang chy 01/23/2022 2:56 AM Mr Ford sent me a letter today with a special offer so my granson and I went to their website and built our Mustang. Had to be a Mach 1 ..the Shelby started at something like 68000 dollars.. So our Mustang had 5.0 5 speed transmission with a handling package,cause you know up here in the mountains, i need a handling package. All for the low low price of only 58000+.. That's 945 dollars a month for 5 years. That 1250 dollar coupon will sure come in handy so thank you Mr Ford but Ill have to pass on this one.. Oh yeah, I am really pi**ed with yall for building another crappy little SUV and putting a Mustang name plate on it. For that I will never forgive you.
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The Great Escape B02S4 01/13/2022 4:46 PM Watched it again on TCM last night...almost forgot how much I enjoy seeing Steve McQueen & Bud Ekins on those German Triumphs!
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Winter time riding chy 01/08/2022 2:07 AM The zipper busted in my winter jacket so I wore my motorcycle jacket today. My daughter asked me if i was going for a ride. It is 35 degrees.. I thought "a man would be a fool to be riding today " Then I thought of old friend Larryshep. We met for a ride up Cherohala if I remember correctly. He got off his bike and uttered these immortal words "motorcycle riders aint got lick of sense. was 27 degrees when I left my house this morning!"
Then thinking back on some of the conditions I have ridden in, I think I am inclined to agree.
I used to ride a 74 Honda 550 four to work about 25 miles away. I had no gear other than a 25 dollar helmet and 7.95 sunglasses. I had point about halfway that I would stop and unzip my jacket then lay on the tank using my jacket to collect the heat off the engine. Get thawed out and keep rolling.
The morning we left out from Indiana it was 27 degrees and feezing rain was coming in. We waited for a Shoneys to open up in Kentucky to thaw out.. By the time we got to Fort Mountain it was 70 degrees.. Go figure.
Riding in Colorado we are fueling up and I looked over at this beautiful mountain covered wih snow an thought man, i am glad I dont have to ride up that one. Well that was the mountain we were riding up. The higher we got the narrower the snowless highway became. I was gettng pretty nervous but we finally reached the peak. It was beautiful and well worth the trip but it didnt escape me that I was surrounded by snow riding a motorcycle.
It is starting to look like this belonged in nonsensicle ramblings.
Anyway, heres to you Larryshep! Man, it was good riding with you.
I still miss the little motorcycleridingdude emoji.
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Nonsenseical ramblings and other observations chy 01/06/2022 3:04 AM Well i guess winter finally showed up. It has been pretty mild so far but I guess it is about time. Supposed to snow tomorrow but I am not going to break out my plow just yet. (A joke for those northernly inclined.) It was about 45 today but sunny and I started to go out on one of the bikes but by the time I decided which leathers to wear, the clouds showed up and it suddenly got a good bit cooler.
I built an ironhead sportster for a buddy of mine then he discovered that he no longer fits his leathers so be gave me an HD jacket and chaps. Cant go riding my Triumph with HD leathers or vice versa..just wouldnt be right.
My Sporty is doing a lot better now after finally having purged the Harley gremlins but I just cant seem to get rid of the "cough" . Riding along at steady throttle it will cough like its lean but I cant seem to jet my way out of it. Definately a bar hopper though, cant believe guys would ride these things cross country. It is very clear to me that these bikes are exactly why Jap bikes ruled the roost back in the 70s and 80s.
Oh well, the johnquils are coming up.and the days are getting longer so spring is just around the corner. Hang in there my northern friends.
I know youre thinking,"dang Chy!", well maybe not like that maybe " gosh Chy" this post covered many topics to include tech help, accesories and other bikes.. Why did you post it here? Cause i can..
And i miss my little dude riding the motorcycle emoji dang it!
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Winter time riding
by chy - 01/07/2022 9:07 PM
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