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Steve McQueen inspired
Steve McQueen inspired
by Feral, November 28
by chy, September 18
SW Rally T
SW Rally T
by SMJoe, July 27
The 63
The 63
by chy, June 4
by chy, September 19
Looking forward the short-term milder weather!! jon1214 03/20/2023 11:01 PM Here in Litchfield County, CT, forecast is for a three day stretch of warmer weather. Can't wait, March 2023 has been pretty average for temp, 47 degrees, that temperature is just below my riding threshold, 50. 57, 59, 58, degrees are forecast for the next three days. I can feel the sun in my face!!!!
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Grills, Hoods and Fenders SMJoe 03/08/2023 3:50 PM

Some photos I took at Indianapolis Speedway and Auburn at the Cord,Auburn,Dusenburg museum.
I threw in a few trunk photos for those with a Boot(ie) fetish. LOL
And yes I did bend down to kiss the bricks, cant break with tradition.

If you didnt see the Barber Museum in another post here is the link to it.
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Color Coordination moe 03/07/2023 1:31 PM Some fun with colors. Old mustangs and old homes. Merritt Island Florida
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PHP v8.xxxxx moe 03/06/2023 8:37 PM Yes The site was down due to our host changing the PHP software to version 8.1
"PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML".

Seems that UBB Threads is coming out with a new update
" UBB.threads 8.x will be available soon, which supports both php 7 and php 8."

My goodness, that was posted 04/20/2022 5:59 AM

So hang on we'll abide somehow perhaps with some major help from a nice double rye and as shaun says a nice broon ale

Now on a more motorsickle related note, I replaced my Michelin commander II on February 27 of this year. It only had 24,939.5 miles on it. Slick eh?
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In Need of a LH Aircleaner Cover JAMinDODA 02/26/2023 11:05 PM Took the battery out and the plastic LH Aircleaner Cover that holds the cheese grater on broke. So I am hope one of you al might have one you would be willing to part with. Triumph P/N:2208111

If you have one please let me know what you would be willing to part with it for.

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