Not all of them are finished. For the most part I ride my Speedmaster or 64 BMW. Used to ride my 66 TR6C a lot but it needs a rebuild again. Still runs but wouldn't last long and don't want it to blow up.Don't trust the magnito in my 58 T-110 and my 54 T-110 isn't quite ready yet. The rest are restorations or custom builds I haven't finished yet.2 of the customs just need to come apart and be made pretty and be put back together. My 72 Daytona is very close too That really just needs to have the rest of the sheet metal and battery box put back on. My 70 lightning needs an engine.My Trail Blazer 250 needs some engine work, really haven't done much with that since they are junk from new but it's cool to have.I have a cool hard tail that I made out of my junk pile That is made from extra parts and damaged frames. 67 Bonneville engine, front half of the frame is from the early 50s the rear down tube is from the 60s for the unit engine mount, I made the hard tail part, short disc brake front end off of a Suzuki 380 triple. Seat height is a little lower than my knee and the frame is stretched so the bike is about 8' long and very low. Mini ape hangers, big headlight. Pre-unit rear wheel.