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America "Lowers"
America "Lowers"
by VABird, June 9
2014 America LT
2014 America LT
by VABird, May 17
by chy, May 9
My 2018 Speedmaster
My 2018 Speedmaster
by AmyLee, April 22
Oatman AZ.
Oatman AZ.
by HabuBA, April 22
Happy 4th Funkletrumpet 07/04/2020 10:07 AM Happy 4th of July you tea chuckers !
grin grin

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Dame Vera Margaret Lynn moe 06/28/2020 11:17 PM 18 June 2020 Dr. Strangelove: Maj. "King" Kong riding the nuclear bomb, and ‘We’ll meet again’ playing as the soundtrack. R.I.P.
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113,000 miles on the 06 Americas jon1214 06/26/2020 1:23 PM I just surpassed 113,000 miles on the 06 America, I hope to get 200,000 or as close to that as possible. Would any of you know what a record for mileage on a Triumph is?
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Almost, but not quite..... Alatamoc 06/24/2020 7:14 AM I've been looking for another TBA.... as I've previously been droning on about.
Because my requirements are so specific this hasn't been as easy as I'd hoped.
I need the last of the proper ( as opposed to squashed looking) petrol tank round about 2006-8.
It also needs to be well cared for and lowish mileage.
And it also needs to have the later strengthened crankcases for peace of mind.
I've seen some real dogs recently...but got my hopes up with a dealers 07 Speedmaster so took the 200 mile round trip to see it.
Shame...petrol tank and mudguards were a slightly different shade of red...closer inspection revealed scuffs on h/light rim and a curious looking blob of weld at one of the fork ends.
" Has it been shunted then!"
'" Oh no, one careful owner."
" I guess then that one of the other owners wasn't quite so careful."
Oh well, it was a nice ride up to Norfolk ( UK) from Kent on my Thunderbird.
The search continues........
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A photo and Friar John nostalgia perceval 06/20/2020 4:10 PM Long time no post.

Site has changed... not sure I'm a fan of the white and blue site, but life goes on. l liked the mellow colours of the old site.

Had a short ride today to go see a friend.
Haven't ridden the bike in a long time.... we made a camper van and we spend most of our free time in the van.

Still is nice to escape once a while and ride free.

Nostalgia bit....
Every time I ride out, I tap the backrest. It used to belong to our good Friar John. He was graceful to send it all the way to the other side of the world. We used to chat once a while. Miss him dearly.

Ok, trying to link the picture from my dropbox account because the Gallery only accepts 2k images... 2k really ???
Sorry... you'll probably have to click on the link.

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A photo and Friar John nostalgia
by perceval - 06/20/2020 12:10 PM
First Group Ride of the Season
by SMJoe - 06/14/2020 9:11 PM
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